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The Inner INtelligence Script has been a revelation to me. It has allowed me to let go of old patterns and embrace a happier, more powerful, and more authentic version of myself.

Total Consciousness Training

Let go and live lighter

Let go and live lighter


The Inner Intelligence Script is a powerful therapeutic technique for self-exploration that provides profound insights into our thoughts, emotions, and subconscious mind. It enables us to discover hidden aspects of ourselves, illuminating blind spots and revealing our strengths and intuitive abilities. Moreover, it serves as a gateway to explore the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions within and beyond us.

Loosely based on the practice of remote viewing, developed by the US military under Project Stargate, the Inner Intelligence Script allows individuals to perceive and gather information about unseen or remote targets using extrasensory perception. As a therapeutic hypnotist, I have adapted this technique to enable people to dive into their subconscious and expand their awareness far beyond the limitations of their physical bodies, connecting with the divine essence within.

By utilizing the Inner Intelligence Script, we can delve deep within ourselves and gain profound insights into destructive patterns, traumas, and self-sabotaging behaviors. It provides a means to uncover the underlying causes of these patterns, facilitating healing and unlocking our full potential.

Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst for enhanced creativity, granting access to non-local information and opening doors to new ideas, insights, and problem-solving solutions.

For those who wish to explore the metaphysical and spiritual realms, the Inner Intelligence Script offers a direct and transformative experience. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge of the spiritual realms, it enables individuals to attain higher spiritual states and experience a direct connection with their divine selves. This connection accelerates the esoteric learning process as one learns through the profound states of being and experiencing.

- Trauma processing
- Building self-confidence
- Resolving relationship issues
- Finding meaning and life purpose
- Spiritual growth
- Overcoming depression and finding happiness
- Resolving money blocks

Practical Information:

Request a non-binding introductory conversation of approximately 15 minutes via This allows both of us to determine if there is a match and if you would like to proceed together.

Sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom.

Duration: typically between 1 to 2 hours.

Number of sessions: one or more depending on the situation.

Your preparation:

- Get sufficient rest before the session.
- Avoid alcohol, drugs, excessive caffeine, or excessive sugar consumption prior to the session.
- You will need rest after the session, so try to keep the rest of the day as free as possible.
- Write down your most important questions.



Cell Phone: +32 493 71 09 07


Kardinaal Cardijnlaan 68

2547 Lint



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