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Vrouw schrijven


Before my knee surgery, Ise hypnotized me to instill a positive mindset for a successful recovery after the operation. At the same time, she also alleviated my fear of the surgery itself. On the day of the surgery, I was amazed at how relaxed I felt. Afterwards, the doctor told me that my knee had healed remarkably quickly and well.



The hypnosis session left me stunned. I had no idea that I had such a strong connection with person M. Or rather, that he was so close and directly behind me! I knew I had a special bond with that man, but to believe that he was so close to me was unbelievable and yet true... He was even there. While channeling, Isa even saw how M played my body like an instrument and radiated vibrations to make the world more optimistic. The fact that I can perceive and convey music in a unique way also feels special to me. It's something new to me. I would love to talk more about the session because I found it so fascinating! So, Isa... I'd like to talk about it again when the opportunity arises. Since taking the "Mediumship" classes with Isa, I've been more and more impressed with my skills. As someone with knowledge of astrology I can relate to this, but Isa's teachings definitely gave it a significant boost. I am very grateful to have met someone like Isa!


It was a wonderful, fantastic journey to unknown places. I like the places I "saw" and especially felt. It was such a remarkable experience. The inner peace I felt after the session was wonderful. It's a pity I can't hold it. Reaction from Isa: To maintain the feeling of peace, next time we can work with self-hypnosis, so that you can evoke the calmness yourself afterwards.

Wild natuur


During the hypnosis session, Isa brought me into contact with a deeper layer within myself in a pleasant way. Her coaching has also supported me a lot in my process and put me more in my authentic power. As a result, I felt in the period afterwards that I could make better decisions from my authentic self... definitely recommended!

Yoga door de oceaan


Guess what? I am doing really fine. My life has changed for the better. I now have a girlfriend, enjoy working at the opera...and next year I am starting my Masters at the Brussels conservatory to become a music teacher. My singing is going really well now and I want to use my experience to help others in the future. Big hug



Isa always brings out the best qualities in someone. She literally "sees" and "feels" the pure soul that you are - who you really are with all your qualities. She is very supportive in her work. Motivation and optimism are her strengths. During her coaching you feel like you are on a journey together. She goes deep into the subject matter, but also uses the necessary humor that puts you at ease during the session. Highly recommended.

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