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Explore the possibility of meeting your guides and uncovering the decisions you made before your birth. Discover your life purpose and much more. If you're seeking a session in the style of Dolores Cannon or if you want to see your life between lives as described by Michael Newton, then you've come to the right place. Get ready for a transformative journey that will uplift your soul.



Soulkey is for those who want to spiritually develop and receive direct guidance from their guides. This hypnosis technique is similar to the work of Dolores Cannon, allowing you to travel through time and dimensions, just like the similar technique of Michael Newton. This form of spiritual hypnosis leads to the same goal, but everyone experiences it in a personal way. The discoveries you can make with it are enlightening.

The possibilities:

- Do you want to receive direct insights from your guides?
- Do you desire spiritual education tailored to your abilities?
- Do you want to understand why you ended up in your current family?
- Do you need healing?
- Do you seek answers to spiritual questions?
- Do you want to understand why certain life issues arise?
- Do you want to communicate with your guides?
- Do you want to learn more about your soul and your soul mission?
- Do you want to understand why you have this mission in life?
- What experiences have you had in past lives that contributed to your current talents?
- Do you want to meet spiritual masters?
- And much more.

More information about the Soulkey technique:

With Soulkey, we work at all levels, even where other therapies may struggle to reach.

We collaborate with your subconscious, conscious, and Higher Self to find the right solution for you.

Discover your life purpose.

Overcome and remove blockages.

Gain profound insights into challenging situations in your life.

Conquer your fears.

Heal your inner child.

Feel energized and optimistic.

And much more.

Practical information:

- Sessions take place either in person or via Zoom.
- Duration: usually between 1 and 2 hours.
- Number of sessions: depending on the situation, one or more.

Your preparation:

- Ensure you have sufficient rest before the session.
- Avoid alcohol, drugs, excessive coffee, or sugar before the session.
- Plan for ample rest after the session.
- Write down your most important questions.



gsm: +32 493 71 09 07


Kardinaal Cardijnlaan 68

2547 Lint



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